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Freelance Editorial Services for Literary Agents and Publishers:
Copyediting, Proofreading, Rewriting, Manuscript Revisions

My mission: to provide each valued client with a timely and cost-effective finished product that is second to none and far better than it has to be—one that will assure both you and me of repeat business.

Your freelance copy editor/proofreader specializes in . . .

NONFICTION:  The copyediting, proofreading, or substantive revision of essays, articles, nonfiction texts for the professional or lay public on any subject (i.e., gardening, self-help, biography, autobiography, law, medical themes, business, religious, children, women), annual reports, company profiles, marketing letters, press releases, procedures manuals, employee handbooks, business presentations, white papers . . . whatever writers produce.

FICTION:  The copyediting, proofreading, revision, critiquing, or rewriting of short stories or novels in all genres, for hard copy or paperback issues . . . whatever writers produce.

"Nancy Johanson is a dedicated professional. Her expertise and knowledge is evident, not only to those in the writing profession, but in her ability to comprehend the message of the writers she serves.  Her strict attention to detail and her unique ability to interject nuances that parallel and enhance an author's style clearly reflect her desire to be one of the best in her copyediting profession."  -Matt Petti, Author, Heretical Wisdom, The Truths From Within, c2001

"Thanks to Nancy Johanson, freelance copy editor extraordinaire, whose keen editorial eye and generous assistance were invaluable to me early on." -Leila Meacham, Author, Roses, Grand Central Publishing, c2010 (worldwide NYT bestseller)

Substantive copyediting:  

  For projects that need considerable reorganization and rewriting. Includes whatever services are required to develop accurate and logical content that is appropriate for an intended audience. Involves an examination of the basic elements of manuscript structure: pacing, voice, tone and subtext, a check for redundancies, repetition of phrases, clichés, misplaced modifiers, shifts in agreement, consistency, organization, flow, and clarity.  It also includes basic copyediting (see section below). Substantive copyediting is performed directly on a PC copy of the document, using MSWord's Track Changes tool. 

   I have a solid grounding in grammar and grammar rules and a deep concern for the correctness and effectiveness of the final project.  I make sure I can justify each change.  I provide a free sample of the first page or two (or paragraph of a shorter project).

Basic Copyediting: 

  Includes a check for errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation, diction, and consistency of style, and an evaluation of confusing and awkward writing techniques.  Includes a brief critique of the manuscript to guide the author in further self-editing. 


  An already-edited document is examined one final time, checking for any remaining errors and inconsistencies or typos; can be a galley copy for either traditional or ebook publishing

Technical Editing:  

  Involves the editing or writing of users’ guides, employee manuals, software manuals, brochures, medical texts for the lay public, legal presentations and texts and white papers. I have extensive knowledge in both law (I am a certified paralegal) and academic medicine (affiliated with those in academic medicine for many years).  I specialize in rewriting technical documents for the lay public.


  Experience in Chicago, Turabian, Associated Press, and MLA styles of writing.  I can follow any written instructions in other styles and will do so, with aplomb!

A Few Recent Copyedited Book Projects:

Understanding Employee Stock Options, Rule 144 & Concentrated Stock Position Strategies, by Travis Knapp and Nathan Reneau (Nonfiction, Financial)

The Eleventh Son, by Gu Long, English Translation by Rebecca S. Tai, Taiwan

Absence of Malice, A Vampire's Lesson in Betrayal, by E. Carter Jones (Horror Novel)

Heretical Wisdom, The Truths From Within, by Matthew August Petti (Nonfiction, Religious/Philosophy)

The Moses Riddle, by Hunt Kingsbury (Mainstream Thriller)

The Tenacious Tooth Fairy, by Pam Donnelly (Picture Book)

The Pumphouse Mouse, by Joshua Tilghman (Child's Chapter Book); 

The Elements of Incontinence: A Woman's Guide to Bladder Control, by Andre Kulitz, Ph.D. (Medical) 

The Shake 'N Bake Sergeant, by Jerry S. Horton, Ph.D. (Autobiography) 

Nursing Programs for Students With Disabilities, by Donna Maheady, Ph.D. (Nonfiction

New Testament Leadership, Bringing in the Sheep, by John Clinton, Jr. (Religious/Inspirational) (Ghost writer for this project)

Silver the Sea Gooch, by Addie Stewart (Picture Book)

Smoke in the Kitchen, by Gloria Allen (Fiction) 

Processing Life's Moments: An Anthology, by Doris Kennedy Williams (Inspirational) 

Gung Fu: The Martial Art of Paintball, by Terry Adams (Nonfiction, Sports) 

A Walk in the Smoke, by Anne Fletcher Price (Mainstream Fiction) 

Annon's Last Gathering, by Mary McCauley (Genre/New World) 

This Side of the Rainbow: A Metaphysical Focus on Vision, Loss and Sorrow, by the Reverend Joe Roe (Nonfiction, Religious/Philosophy)

Sister North, by Jim Kokoris (Mainstream Fiction)

Christlike Leadership, by William Oakes (Nonfiction, Religious/Business)

Business or Pleasure, by Amber Marler (Fiction)

The Big Truck Nosenbellys, by Terry Atkins (Picture Book)

Bringing in the Sheep, by John L. Clinton, Jr. (Nonfiction, Religious) (Ghostwriter)

Are We Righteous Enough to Serve God?, by John L. Clinton, Jr. (Nonfiction, Religious) (Ghostwriter)

Americle: One Man's Thoughts About America and Making It Better, by Todd McGonnell (Essays)

Revelations, by Scott M. Byrnes (Science Fiction)

Lady of Light, by Carolyn Fitzsimmons (Fiction)

Silent Partner, by Jack Jachimowicz (Biography)

Therapy for the Soul, by Doris Kennedy Williams (Inspirational)

Cold Eyes, by Romina Wilcox (Thriller) (Ghostwriter)

Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed, by Matt Blatte (Crime)

The Three Gorges, by Ben Yablon (Mystery/Thriller)

A Rendezvous to Die For, by Betty McMahon (Crime)

The First Fracture, by Matthew Ryan (Fantasy)

Increasing Sales Through Relationship Marketing, by Juri Yoshida (Nonfiction, Business)

The Day Time Was Hacked, by Carel Mackenbach (Amsterdam) (Sci-Fi/Thriller)

The Devil Within, by Ho Chung Hui (Singapore) (Fiction) (Ghostwriter)

Smoke In the Kitchen, by Gloria Allen (Fiction)

Roses, by Leila Meacham (Mainstream Fiction; international bestseller) 

The Pursuit of Other Interests, by Jim Kokoris (Mainstream Fiction)

Barefoot to Paradise, by Soorina Arora (Fiction) (India)

The Calendar, by Romina Wilcox (High-tech Thriller) (Ghostwriter)

Traveling Blind: a Memoir, by Letty Lozano, (Memoir) (Ghostwriter)

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A quality copy editor/proofreader not only improves the quality of a writer's communication . . . she thinks!

A quality copy editor/proofreader works on behalf of the writer and the writer's readers!

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