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Testimonials for ACE and Copy Editor, Copywriter and Ghostwriter Nancy Johanson    

The following testimonials are only a few of those graciously provided by clients who have found my proofreading and copyediting services worthy of recommendation.  

  "Nancy Johanson is a gifted and experienced pro, whose copyediting services helped my doctoral dissertation gain the hearty approval of the faculty.  Nancy knows all the rules of grammar and punctuation that I never learned, but beyond this, her review and critique improved the overall quality of my writing tone, style, organization, logic, flow, and clarity.  Nancy is a kind and competent professional editor who understood exactly what was needed for my assignment, gave high value for the dollar, and delivered the work ahead of time.  I happily recommend her to anyone who wants help enhancing written documents."  -Robert Roane, D. Min., Houston

  "Nancy, I would like to thank you for all the work/time you put in on my manuscript, synopsis, and cover letter.  I truly believe that without your superb editing skills and patience with me as a writer, my material would not receive the positive comments and recognition that they are.  Thank you ever so much for your help.  I will definitely be sending more work your way in the future (hopefully, you'll have time to fit me in!)."  -Evelyn Jones, Author, Absence of Faith (horror novel), c2001, Writers Club Press.

  "Nancy Johanson is one of the most creative and dedicated communications professionals that I have ever had the opportunity to work with.  While I was the CEO of a medical information company, Nancy was my "right hand partner" in formulating communications with our customers and business partners . . . a very challenging task, in light of the esoteric terminology involved in a fashion that grabs the reader's attention and effectively engages him or her in the content.   This comes from both her considerable depth of creative talent and her empathy for people and concern that they receive the very best of her efforts.  Nancy's attention to detail and commitment to meeting deadlines are also valuable assets.  I highly recommend her as a top level professional."   -Mark Collins, Managing Director & Vice President, Korn/Ferry International

  "I highly recommend the copyediting services of Nancy Johanson and have done so on many occasions, to others in the medical writing field."  -Andre Kulitz, D. E., Ph.D., Author, Elements of Incontinence: A Woman's Guide to Bladder Control, c1999

  "Nancy has an uncanny ability to simplify the complex and express the thoughts of others in the written word.  She was a master at style, clarity, grammar, and richness in all of the work she did for me over a five-year period."  -Bill Daniel, Senior Vice President, Products, Vignette Corporation

  "Nancy Johanson is a dedicated professional. Her expertise and knowledge is evident, not only to those in the writing profession, but in her ability to comprehend the message of the writers she serves.  Her strict attention to detail and her unique ability to interject nuances that parallel and enhance an author's style clearly reflect her desire to be one of the best in her copyediting profession."  -Matt Petti, Author, Heretical Wisdom, The Truths From Within, c2001, XLibris

  "Nancy was a key member of our team, to successfully create a first-class financial guide for employees and company founders.  She put the finishing touches on our manuscript and was superbly professional in her advice and guidance."  -Nathan L. Reneau, Co-author of Understanding Employee Stock Options, Rule 144 and Concentrated Stock Position Strategies, c2001, Writer's Club Press

  "When I first contacted Nancy, I had only a very raw manuscript and a faint glimmer of hope.  Her discounted price for new authors, and the way she walked me through the entire process, even before we had started working together, impressed me with her sincerity and devotion to her craft.  Her attitude alone would have made it worth working with her.  Then, I saw how she worked with my manuscript.  It went from a raw mass of ideas, to a finished, polished, ready-to-print book.  That was a day I never thought I'd see on my own.  The ease and speed of the process simply shocked me.  Nancy's corrections were impeccable, and the way she fleshed out some of my ideas was more than I expected or hoped for.  She brought out more of my intentions, when needed, and she allowed me to determine the course of my book.  I give her the highest recommendation possible and feel that she is worth much more than her extremely reasonable prices might suggest.  You will not be disappointed.  I wasn't."  -Terry Adams, Author, Gun-fu: The Martial Art of Paintball, c2001 Armed Citizen Press.  

  "If you are looking for a copy editor, who is an expert grammarian, and who pays attention to details, your search is over.  Nancy Johansonís expertise is the best thing that ever happened to this writer.  She is a consummate professional. She has the innate ability to understand and flesh out the authorís voice, to deliver delicious character comments, and to suggest believable plot points ... all of which directly tie into the theme of the story.  It has been a pleasure to work with this copy editor and I have decided to team with her for all my future projects.  With Nancyís eye on your manuscript ... you'll have a winner!" -Anne Fletcher Price, A Walk In The Smoke, c2002.

  "I stumbled upon Nancy Johanson's Web site by accident. It turned out to be my luck day! I had written a book about the experiences of nursing students with disabilities. The book was rejected by numerous publishers. After I put the manuscript in Nancy's hands . . . bingo! It was accepted for publication. Nancy is a true professional in her work. She was committed to my success and to the value of my work. Her support was constant. A gifted writer, with outstanding knowledge of grammar and syntax, she gently taught me while she edited my work. Her fee was cost-effective in many ways. My edited book was accepted for publication and I received a personal tutorial. My overall writing skills have improved tremendously. Nancy helped me give greater power and richness to the voices in my book. I look forward to working with her again."  Donna Maheady, Ed.D., ARNP, Author, Nursing Students with Disabilities: Change the Course, c2002, ExceptionalParent Magazine Press.

"I knew that publishing editor and agents would not even consider my children's chapter book without a proper query letter and nearly perfect manuscript. I felt intimidated by the task.  Writing the book was hard enough, without having to worry about grammar, syntax, and  format. Because of Nancy's experience, knowledge, and professionalism, my query letter got the attention of a respected and well-established publisher and then the manuscript itself. I owe it all to Nancy. I recommend her services to anyone in the business of writing. Not only does she understand the copyediting business, but the ins and outs of the publishing world. I will be using her services again!"  Joshua Tilghman, Author, The Pumphouse Mouse, c2007.

 "Nancy Johanson is a dedicated and professional individual with very high standards in whatever services she provides. She clearly has the talent, experience, and skill in the field of copyediting and copywriting. But most importantly, her integrity and credibility positions her as one of the very best in her field of expertise I have come across. Although I live in Australia, I travel worldwide in my work, which involves training salespeople in international corporations and Fortune 500 companies. I searched everywhere for the best to assist me with my book, and I thank God that I found Nancy. For those who would like their written work to go from merely good to excellent, I highly recommend her professional services. Life is too short to settle of second-class writing, especially when it has a profound effect on others' perceptions of your own expertise." óJuri Yoshida, Author, Increasing Sales Through Relationship Marketing, c2008

  "I was lucky to have chosen Nancy Johanson among other editors when looking for an editor for my manuscript SMOKE IN THE KITCHEN. Nancy didn't only do a first-class editing, she kept me involved throughout the process by asking questions and making suggestions. Considering my novel was set in West Africa, Nancy never considered the assignment too difficult; she conducted personal research to understand the culture, the food, the politics and even the weather in Sierra Leone.  I was extremely impressed. She also did a professional job with my query and synopsis, and explained the step-by -tep process of finding an agent and becoming a published author. Nancy is an accomplished editor, and I ecommend her to anyone. I consider her a friend, even though we've never met face to face." óGloria Allen, Author, Smoke in the Kitchen, c2009


A Few Recent Copyedited or Ghostwritten Book Projects:

Understanding Employee Stock Options, Rule 144 & Concentrated Stock Position Strategies, by Travis Knapp and Nathan Reneau (Nonfiction, Financial)

The Eleventh Son,
by Gu Long, English Translation by Rebecca S. Tai, Taiwan
Absence of Malice, A Vampire's Lesson in Betrayal, by E. Carter Jones (Horror Novel)
Heretical Wisdom, The Truths From Within, by Matthew August Petti (Nonfiction, Religious/Philosophy)
The Moses Riddle,
by Hunt Kingsbury (Mainstream Thriller)
The Tenacious Tooth Fairy
, by Pam Donnelly (Picture Book)

The Pumphouse Mouse
, by Joshua Tilghman (Child's Chapter Book) 

The Elements of Incontinence: A Woman's Guide to Bladder Control
, by Andre Kulitz, Ph.D. (Medical)
The Shake 'N Bake Sergeant, by Jerry S. Horton, Ph.D. (Autobiography) 
Nursing Programs for Students With Disabilities, by Donna Maheady, Ph.D. (Nonfiction
New Testament Leadership
, Bringing in the Sheep, by John Clinton, Jr. (Religious/Inspirational) (Ghostwriter)
Silver the Sea Gooch
, by Addie Stewart (Picture Book)

Smoke in the Kitchen
, by Gloria Allen (Fiction) 
Processing Life's Moments: An Anthology
, by Doris Kennedy Williams (Inspirational) 
Gung Fu: The Martial Art of Paintball, by Terry Adams (Nonfiction, Sports)
A Walk in the Smoke, by Anne Fletcher Price (Mainstream Fiction) 
Annon's Last Gathering, by Mary McCauley (Genre/New World)
Sister North, by Jim Kokoris (Mainstream Fiction)
The Other Side of the Rainbow: A Metaphysical Focus on Vision, Loss and Sorrow
, by the Reverend Joe Rowe (Nonfiction, Religious/Philosophy)
Christlike Leadership
, by William Oakes (Nonfiction, Religious/Business)
Business or Pleasure, by Amber Marler (Fiction)
The Big Truck Nosenbellys,
by Terry Atkins, (Picture Book)
Silent Partner
, by Jack Jachimowicz, (Biography/Holocaust)
Am I Righteous Enough to Serve God?
by John Clinton, Jr., (Religious/Inspirational) (Ghostwriter)
Lady of Light, by Carolyn Fitzsimmons, (Fiction)
Toad I: Legend of the Night and Toad II: Last of the Irish Hoods, by Todd McGonnell (Autobiography)
Revelations, by Scott Byrnes (Science Fiction)
Cold Eyes
, by Mina Wilcox (Suspense/Thriller)

Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed, by Marc Blatte (Crime)
The Three Gorges, by Ben Yablon (Mystery/Thriller)
The First Fracture, by Matthew Ryan (Fantasy)
Increasing Sales Through Relationship Marketing, by Juri Yoshida (Nonfiction, Business) (Ghostwriter)
The Day Time Was Hacked, by Carel Mackenbach (Amsterdam) (Sci-Fi/Thriller)
The Devil Within, by Ho Chung Hui ((Singapore) (Fiction) (Ghostwriter)
Smoke In the Kitchen, by Gloria Allen (Fiction) (Partial Ghostwriter)
The Pursuit of Other Interests, by Jim Kokoris (Mainstream Fiction)
Barefoot to Paradise, by Soorina Arora (Fiction) (India)
Roses, by Leila Meacham (Mainstream Fiction, NYT worldwide bestseller
Baby Steps:
A Practical Guide to Self-love and Positive Interaction with Others, by Paolo Giannini (New Age) (S. Africa)
The Calendar, by Romina Wilcox (Fiction, High-tech Thriller) (Ghostwriter)
Dare to Recover, by Ruth Schilling (Nonfiction, Self-Help)
Traveling Blind: A Memoir, by Letty Lozano (Memoir) (Ghostwriter)

        Other Recent Writing and Editing Projects:

Web site material, company brochure and portfolio documents for AskErgoWorks, Inc., Belmont, CA.
Web site material and all documents written in English for in South Korea
Editing of reports for Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals Limited
Rewriting of Code of Conduct into plain English for Insitu, Inc., Seattle.

Editing of patent application documents and tutoring for a Houston law firm
Editing/writing of Petition to NJ Supreme Court for attorney
Business Proposal for a mortgage company, Irving, TX.
Editing/writing of an Executive Summary, DC minority-owned start-up corporation
Company brochure. advertising letters and e-mail reminders for Evolve Marketing, Atlanta
Staff and employee job descriptions (35), Blitz Media, Boston
Staff and employee job evaluations for GE Healthcare

Editing of book reviews and essays for international linguist
Ghostwriter: New Testament Leadership: Bringing in the Sheep
Ghostwriter: Are We Righteous Enough to Serve God?
Ghostwriter: Monthly articles for client in automobile industry for national publication
Ghostwriter: Novel for Singapore client
Web site material, many journal articles, training manual, and audio materials for president of Suwannee, GA firm offering consultations and workshops for those in the automobile dealership industry
Editing of high-tech thesis, many patent documents, and other papers for scientist/ inventors, San Antonio
Editing of thesis, oral presentations, art catalogue and other papers for doctoral candidate at Boston University
Monthly editing/proofreading of online company's newsletter material for subscribers
Monthly copyediting/proofreading of two Texas bi-monthly magazine
Editing of major research material for U of Mass./Dept. of Labor project
Substantive copyediting/rewriting of book for a major church organization for a publishing company in Brazil

My mission: to provide each valued client with a timely and cost-effective finished product that is second to none and far better than it has to beóone that will assure both you and me of repeat business.

Letís build a partnership for success.
Look at your work. Look at mine. Then call.
By the hour. By the day. By the job. Whatever.

Please check out the samples of my work and my FREE self-help writing guide.

Johanson Consulting as ACE
Nancy O. Johanson, Freelance Copy Editor
108A Ruelle Lane, San Antonio, TX 78209
Business Hours: M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST

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